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Take actionable steps to improve your wellbeing through surveys, recommendations and a community support network

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The wellbeing measurement in our app has been adopted by the UN as a better measurement of wellbeing than GDP.

The UN has created a resolution for this wellbeing index, encouraging countries to use this measurement to better understand the wellbeing of their people.

Our app is a way for us to satisfy the UN sustainable development goals by using the wellbeing index to have individuals focus on their lives. We are not only meeting the goals, we are surpassing them and creating new goals, based on individuals needs.

About the App

Among the most "suffering" employees those with the lowest well-being scores have an annual per-person lost productivity cost of $28,000. The cost of stress accounts for 1 trillion dollars globally per year in lost productivity. Loss of productivity is because of unhappiness, loneliness, poor health and addiction are areas that lead to low wellbeing and a loss of productivity.

Our mobile app aims to create a solution for people lacking wellbeing who have low energy and want to:


  • Manage their time at work better so they can spend more time with their family and friends.

  • Voice their concerns about different issues in the local community and larger issues with the government.

  • Be part of an accepting community who can help support their wellbeing.

  • Manage your health so you can create better behaviours and habits.


  • The above categories represent challenges to well being.

  • The questions and suggestions are organised into these categories.

  • In our App individuals focus on these areas in their everyday life and empower themselves to create better well being.


Explore the the features:

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  • The users take fun questionnaires which give them recommendations in different subjects to improve their wellbeing.

  • Once a survey is completed, users are able to access recommendations based on her survey questions.

  • The questions help users reflect on frustrations and challenges through the different aspects of their life that make up their wellbeing. 

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  • These recommendations are broken up into different categories such as Health, culture and Education.

  • Users can track and set goals using their recommendations.

  • Recommendations help define actionable steps to address challenges and goals.

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Time Diary

  • Changes users behaviour to create new Time Diary Events.

  • Suggestions and an emotional experience section can help users reflect on past events.

  • Users can add future events based on their recommendations. The future events create new tasks which can help change their behaviour and achieve the users goals.



  • Get matches based on survey results from different categories

  • Add friends via Facebook or email

  • Support System to chat with one another, share stories and learn from each other to achieve individual goals of wellbeing focusing on different categories such as health. 

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Activity Tracker

  • The tracker automatically tracks users activity and differentiates between types of activities.


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Inspired by GNH index